Fragment of Elder Library Deck Builder
Current version: 2.5.2

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Description / Features / Changes / Download

I started to work on my own version of a deck builder program around
2002, when the updates to the ELDB started to dwindle. It was
christened "Fragment", because its functions were but a fraction of
those provided by Anderson-Davila's original ELDB. In time, based on
the feedback received from local users I added almost every feature
the original ELDB had, and even some more. The code was developed
completely from scratch, even though the looks and controls resemble
the great forerunner.

My goal is simple: to provide a premium card database filtering, deck
construction and inventory management application for V:TES. I intend
to incorporate every user's desires so that using the program can be
simple and efficient for anyone.

I'd like to identify any shortcomings the program might have, and
provide an application which is a preferable solution thanks not only
to its functions but also to its looks. I offer continuous tech support
and will try to solve any error or shortcoming for which I receive an
error report.

I hope FELDB will provide a good alternative to many VTES players. I
will try to solve every error report or request ASAP, providing
continuous and uninterrupted development for a foreseeable long time.

So I ask anyone who feels like trying this program to please do so, and
check its functions. Please note if you encounter any errors, and
consider whether you would like some sort of improvement.

In case of problems or requests please send mail to:
m a i l

My respect and thanks to David Anderson-Davila for sharing ELDB with us.

For those familiar with the ELDB, the Fragment provides the following
functions in addition to those of its predecessor:

Many additional filter options for both crypt and library cards
   - Filtering according to set or promo cards and all usefull text
   - Negation of filtering groups
      (you can choose non-slave Gargoyle vampires)
   - Complex filtering criteria in the user defined string:
       e.g. "location -unique" selects non-unique locations
   - Filtering according to artist.
      Just select and artist form a dropdownlist.
   - You can filter the current filter.
   - You can go back the previous filter options
   - In Library Filter you can filter by no cost or
      no requirements.
   - In Crypt Fitler you can search all titled vampire, including Barons.

Simple, user-friendly controls
   - Hotkeys
   - Highlighting (groups according to sorting criteria, like
      presenting vampires of the same capacities with a same colour)
   - Column widths can be altered and the settings are saved
      upon exiting
   - Quick search from the beginning of the text or in the
      whole text
   - You can change the splash.jpg to other picture (keep the
      spalsh.jpg name!)

New functions
   - Ability to export and save filtered elements in different formats
   - Deck builder has statistics and test draws
   - Deck builder is more useable
   - You can load all of your old ELDB decks
      (with ' or ` or " apostrophes!)

Facilitated Inventory
   - Older card lists can be exported
   - Have/Need-based search and display function

Known issues:
- Theoretically a very complicated search criterion might produce
incorrect search results, but so far none has come up in testing.


- This version can't handle the ' aphostrophes.

- All old *.eld files can be loaded.
- You can search in cardtext at main form.
- On statusbar "G1, G2, G3, G4" means the group of vampires

- Fixed bug when you save a deck in HTML, now you can see the Event cards.
- Fixed bug when you save an empty deck.
- When you create a new deck, the deck window can be showed with the
   "Show Deck" button (if you can't see the deck window)
   You can switch between then Main and the Deck window
- New feature: when you click in the main screen with right mouse button,
   there is a new feature: if you have an new or opened deck,
   you can add cards directly from the main window to your deck.
- You can search by lot of keywords in the library filter screen.
- Some DataBase bug fixed. (names and misstypes)
- New feature: you can set the descprition box's color in the Properties screen.

- Some DataBase bugs fixed
- New feature: In Deck Editor are new treeviews.
   Use the + or - buton to add or remove a card in treeview.
   Use the the Help and the Cost Info button.
- New feature: You can save your filter options and
   reload again with a single click in main form.
   Your Filters saved in "Filter.sav" file.
- Some minor bugs fixed

It's a complete new version of FELDB, including new Deck Builder,
new Database and some new features.
The database management is more faster (Thanks for Francois :) ).
With the new database I can fixed some bugs and bring it new features
like showing Flavor Text.
To install the new version I recommend to keep your old version
and create a new library for the 2.0.0 version.
If you use the Inventory feature to manage your card collection,
You'd import your card list and export with the new program.
It's works fine without problems.

The new version keep the old version's features and have new ones:

- Some DataBase bugs fixed.
- Some minor bugs fixed
- New feature: Showing Flavor text.
   In Properties form set this feature to see the flavor text
   which cards have it.
- New feature: You can filter by Artists
- New feature: New Deck Builder in the Main form,
   not in new window. This deck builder is high featured, most
   usable Deck Builder. You can add a card form the Crypt and
   Library tab with a duble click or press enter. You can see
   MANY MANY usefull statistics about your deck using the Draw button.
   You can print the current loaded deck.
- New feature: In Properties you can set the Crypt tab
   to show the Disciplines in your chose.
   (alphabeticly or before inferior after superior)
- New feature: Help. (It is not beutyful but useful. :) )

- Some database bug fixed (KMW cards).
- Easier user interface in Crypt and Library tab.
   (table is type sensitive and tab order is changed).
- Some program bug fixed.

- Some database bug fixed.
- Some program bug fixed.
- New feature: New Properties: you can set to see only
   the Filtered cards in the Deck Builder (Like old FELDB).

- Some database bug fixed.
- Some program bug fixed.
- New feature: Extended Inventory options.

- Some database bug fixed.
- New feature: You can search Library cards by Rarity.
- In Crypt Tab showed the rarity of crypt cards.
- Some program feature fixed.
- Inventory list sorted by Name or Rarity.
- Some database bug fixed.
- Some program feature fixed.
- Now the Import Inventory works fine
- In Inventory tab has a quick find option.
- In Deck Builder you can see your deck listed by Discpilines in the tree. (see Properties)
- If your monitor resoultion is to big, you can set the Font Size.

- Some database bug fixed.
- Some program feature fixed.
- New filter options. (Laibon, Magaji, etc...)
- New feature: If you use the Inventory to save your collection, now in Deck Builder
    you can see do you have enough cards in Your Inventory to build a Deck.
    (You can turn off this feature in Properties)
- In Deck/Reopen you can open the last used 10 eldb files.
- Deck Builder always shows your crypt's legality (grouping).
   (You can turn off this feature in Properties)

- Some database bug fixed.
- New expansion set included: Nights of Reckoning.

- Some database and other bug and fixed.

- Some database misstypes fixed.
- New expansion set included: Third Edition.

- Some database bug fixed.
- Some program bug fixed.

- Some database bug fixed.
- New expansion set included: Sword of Caine.

- Some database bugs fixed.
- Some program bugs fixed. (Now the Imbued can be saved)

- Some database bug fixed.
- New expansion set included: Lords of the Night.
- New feature: Card's picture in FELDB
    You can download the pictures of the cards from here: Pictures
    Please unzip the file to your FELDB directory in a new "Pictures" directory.
    Then you can turn on the picture-showing in the properties menu.
   Enjoy :)

- Some database bug fixed.
- Some program bug fixed.

- New expansion set included: Twillight Rebellion.

- New expansion set included: Keepers of Tradition.
- New feature: Online update
- New feature: Improoved Deck Building system, Deck Management system
- New feature: Improoved Inventory

- New expansion set included: Ebony Kingdom.
- New features: Show trifles in Deck Builder. New search options. Avarage capacity in Crypt tab.
- Some database bug fixed.
- Better pictures.

- New expansion set included: Heirs to the Blood.
- Pictures for HttB: HttB Pictures
- New features: VEKN Number, Event's Date, Event's Name on the DeckInfo tab (for organizers and princes)
- All known database bug fixed.
- Fixed DeckManager. (no overwrite; legality show)

- New features - major:
      - Card's Picture in Deck Builder and more easier deck building
      - MultiFilter - like in ARDB
- New features - minor:
      - "Clear Info" button in DeckBuilder
      - Double click works in Decks in Deck Manager/My Groups
      - "Copy Deck" function in Deck Manager
      - Search in all expansion sets (Use "Reprints" checkbox)
      - If you are import or open an ELD deck to DeckManager, FELDB has detected
      that you are attempting to save a deck with the
      same name as one that is already in the DeckManager.
      - Filter Library by Infernal requirements
      - New option: show draft texts in Library tab
- Fixed bugs - major:
      - JOL export is cool :)
      - English texts are realy english in FELDB
      - Deck Manager is fine
      - Fixed and boosted artist filter - better than WW's database!
- Fixed bugs - minor:
      - Mouse sroll in Crypt and Library tab now show the correct pictures.
      - Twilligth Rebellion Set filtering fixed in Library and Inventory
      - TR expansion filtering now work in Inventory tab /Set/Library
      - Inventory Tab / "From Filtered Library" option is working fine
      - All LotN vampires has correct discpiplines
      - "Referendum" search is working in the Crypt Filter window
      - "Research Area" filter is working fine in Library Filter window
      - Sort in DeckMaganager is OK
      - Fixed "By Clan" filter in Inventory
      - "Flight" filter in Inventory
      - "Save All" use the default directory
      - Library / Blood Brothers filter is fine


The program with all files (zipped) can be downloaded at:
If you want to see the pictures of the cards: Pictures Pack
FELDB update file (if you have trouble with firewall): FELDB update file
Executable only for software updates: Vampire.exe

the full ZIP contains 7 files:
- Executable (Vampire.exe)
- Database with card texts (vtes.db)
- Database for your inventory and decks (inv_deck.db)
- Database DLL (sqlite3.dll)
- Settings (feldb.ini)
- Ggreetings picture (splash.jpg - This picture can be replaced any other jpg with same name)
- This readme (feldb.html)